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Body Hair Transplants Restore Aesthetic Appeal to Male Body
The advancement of body hair transplant procedures empower patients to take control and receive hair loss treatment to replenish hair on areas of the body where it is thin or absent. Hair is a sensitive topic for people of either gender. Women prize the hair on the heads and tend to balk at it appearing anywhere else. However, many men tend to associate body hair with masculinity. Men, as well as women, find hair to be aesthetically pleasing on the male figure. For this reason, when hair loss of the scalp, face or body occurs, treatment may be sought to correct the condition and restore confidence.

The ability to grow facial and body hair is attributed to hormones. As children, both boys and girls have fine, light-colored body hair called vellus hair. After puberty, vellus hair darkens and becomes coarser due to androgen hormones. Women and men develop androgenic hair in the axilla (armpits) and pubic area. Women maintain the soft light hair in other areas, while men develop dark facial, chest and abdominal hair because of higher levels of androgen. Genetics are what determine how thick body hair will be though. Men seeking body hair transplantation as a hair loss treatment may be doing so because of heredity or a variety of other reasons.

Prior electrolysis and laser hair removal may be to blame when hair does not grow back as full as it once did. Scars from surgery, burns or other injury can also cause hair loss. Renovate body hair transplant specialist Dr. C.G. Alessandrini routinely performs hair transplantation in instances like these on the chest, abdomen, pubic area, axilla or any other area of the body where the patient desires hair to grow. Sometimes only a small amount of hair restoration is needed. Other times a whole area may need treatment.


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A body hair transplant requires donor hairs to be used directly from the patient. Donor hairs are harvested from the scalp and will grow to look and feel like normal body hair. Very small incisions are made to minimize scarring. The hairs are then transplanted in grafts of one and two hair follicles to mimic the way body hair grows for a favorable natural appearance. As few as 200 and as many as 3,400 hair grafts may be placed during the three- to eight-hour procedure. Individuals who require a maximum density may need to return for an additional procedure.

Following body hair transplantation, patients are able to resume normal activity after the second day. Tiny crusts will from around each transplanted hair during the first five days. After two weeks the hairs will fall out, but will begin to re-grow again at three months and continue to grow thereafter. The newly transplanted body hairs must be trimmed monthly as they will continue to grow longer as if it were still scalp hair.

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Planning Hair Transplant Surgery Mexico

In your first meeting, your hair transplant Mexico surgeon will evaluate your hair growth and loss, review your family history of hair loss and ask about any previous hair replacement surgery. Your surgeon will also ask you about your lifestyle and discuss your expectations and goals for surgery.

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